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Weekday Mornings, 6am - 10am

It’s all the craziness you need to start your day! Grab a cup off coffee (because they are already several ahead of you) and tune in for the fun! Plenty of local information mixed in with your favorite songs, ways to win and lots of laughs!

Jay & Sara have known each other for decades…and can almost read each other’s minds. Scary right? Exactly. Sara refers to Jay as the “little brother she never wanted.” Join in the fun as they banter about current events, crazy stories, and give you chances to win with the “Anniversary Show,” the world’s easiest trivia game, “You Should Know That,” and so much more.

When they aren’t on the radio, they enjoy spending time with their families and their hobbies. Jay is a classic car enthusiast and can often be found restoring one of his projects or taking moonlight rides in the convertibles, because he might combust in the daylight (Sara swears he’s a vampire). He also follows Formula One racing and the Georgia Bulldogs.

Sara is a sports enthusiast who loves a good softball, baseball, or football game. Heck, she even likes the bad ones. She loves spending time with Rosie Josie, the wonder dog, reading, and cooking. Mainly so she can talk about what she creates and make Jay hungry.

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