She’s baaack!

| March 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

So…I’ve had toyesterday-was-leg-day do the gym walk of shame. You know, that first day back after  you stopped going. You stopped because fitting in that workout seemed next to impossible in your crazy life. And then one missed day becomes a missed week, which becomes a missed month.  And then the holidays happen and everyone knows it’s pointless to try and hit the gym during the holidays, right? And of course, you don’t want to be the New Year’s cliche of trying to lose weight with all the others. So, you just don’t go.

Oh wait…aren’t those just all excuses? Yes, they were all mine, along with an illness and an injury thrown in just to mix things up.  But the excuses just weren’t cutting it any more and when I realized I was feeling awful–legitimately unfit, lethargic, and just a general sense of “ugh,” I decided enough’s enough. Pride be darned, I was going back. So, along with a co-worker, I signed up for the Anytime Fitness Dynamic Duo Challenge. Back to a healthier style of eating, classes 3-4 nights a week with women in my same general fitness condition and then another day or two of working out on my own.

It was rough. It was embarrassing to walk back in and see that I had lost all the gains I made last summer in strength and endurance and see that I gained all I lost in weight. The first night back was three weeks ago–and it was leg night. I almost didn’t make it back the next day. But I did…and then again and again. With a lot of encouragement from Erica at Anytime and my partner in the challenge, I’ve now lost 6 pounds, can make it through the workouts and feel like I’m almost back to where I was last September. Almost…

That’s the beauty of a journey and not a destination. You can stop at certain points and know you aren’t finished. You can pick it back up and continue. It just takes one step…


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