Random Gym Thoughts-My Fit Journey

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Some random thoughts that have passed through my mind while on this journey…

I have muscles in my back-end that I didn’t know were there until they hurt. I’m not even kidding on that one. But 72 walking lunges, along with an assortment kettle bell squats, leg machines and stripper dead lifts with “fit girl” weights are just the thing to make them scream. And when do they yell the loudest? Getting up and down from the potty; not exactly the place you want to be letting out moans of pain. Especially in a public restroom. You get strange looks.

exercise-bike-funny-quotesI swore Erica was not going to make me cuss during my¬†workout. ¬†And then I swore while I was doing those exercises I mentioned above. And then I swore BECAUSE I swore, when I had sworn I wasn’t going to swear.

Some music should not be on your work-out playlist….just sayin’. “Uptown Funk” is entirely too danceable and tends to make me stumble on the treadmill. And Flo Rida makes me want to get “Low, low, low.” Next to impossible when on the instrument of torture…er, the spin bike.

I’m losing weight in the most unlikely places and not where I really want to yet. It’s nice that my wedding rings slide around on my finger, but when will I lose this muffin top?

I am getting some pretty kick-butt muscles in my arms and legs. I see definition…under a layer of fat that just won’t seem to melt away fast enough. All in good time, they keep telling me. But NOW seems like a pretty darn good time!

Pain means progress. Okay–not pain but soreness. Pain means you’ve injured yourself. Soreness means you’ve really worked those muscles and there’s a difference. I’m learning to live in a perpetual state of non-total comfort. Advil and epsom salts are faithful workout partners. But in an odd sort of way, the soreness is a badge of accomplishment.

Some days, I feel like I could eat ALL. DAY. LONG! Don’t know how to combat that one. It’s worse at night, so I’ve just started going to bed.

People should not drive on the interstate in the middle lane at 50 mph. Okay…so that one was on the way to the gym, but I did ruminate on it while on the treadmill. Either that lady was cussing all the drivers passing her on both sides or continuously praying out loud.

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