Putting It Back Together

| January 17, 2017 | 0 Comments

So…this picture is me…kind of. I’m past the point of small children, but trust me, babies seem like a walk in the park when dealing with non-driving, moody teenagers who have a better social life and more interests than you do. Seriously. Where did that sweet baby go? But I digress. The look on that woman’s face is how I feel many days.

Like most Moms out there these days, the juggling act in my life is almost overwhelming. When you try to squash work, kids, kids’ activities,  home, husband, family, and the billion other things we do into our days, something has to give. And what is the first thing we give up?  Time for ourselves.  At least I did. Which was my time at the gym. Plus, we live on the road most weekends as we now have a child away at college and a travel softball player who is visiting colleges and camps.  Can you see what I’m leading up to?

So, suffice to say, my Fit Journey came to a grinding halt. It’s so much easier to give in and give up the me time at the gym than try to figure out how to fit it all in AND sleep, right? Except that it shouldn’t be. Because really, who are we fighting with for the time? The rest of the family and work? Or  are we fighting our guilt because we are trying to be the perfect wife, mom, worker, friend, etc…

So back to the beginning I go. Will I get to the gym every day? Probably not. Will I still give in to the demands of life and not go on a day when I should? My track record speaks for itself, lol. Will I grab a hot and tasty burger instead of something smarter because it’s easier. Yep. Not gonna lie about that one.

You might be asking what the point may be to this. I think it’s just to be better. Better sounds good for 2017.



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