Instruments of Torture-My Fit Journey

| July 24, 2015 | 0 Comments


Let me just preface this by saying I don’t like working out. There’s research that shows some folks are hardwired to enjoy exercising and thrive on the endorphin high they receive from a good, hard workout. I’m not one of them. My work-outs are a means to an end. Something I know I need to do to stay healthy. Like a mammogram or yearly pap smear. You don’t look forward to it, kind of endure the indignity and are glad when it’s done. BUT!! There’s also a certain sense of accomplishment once it’s done. That’s how I feel about exercising.
The first few weeks, I wondered just what I was doing. Sore, out of breath and feeling like a fish out of water. But Erica really kept me motivated and encouraged. She told me I would see results and at first, I wondered. I could look around and see some of the routines others were going through and felt like a wimp for whining about mine. But she kept me focused on MY journey, reminding me that I have started from a different place, both in activity level, fitness and age. So, I kept plodding along.
Now, I’m motivated because it’s working. I went from wall-squats, being assisted with an exercise ball between my back and the wall, to semi-assisted squats, to floor squats and this week I started using a kettle bell with the squats. I can work thru reps a little bit quicker, last longer on the cardio and am using some heavier weights. Me!! I never thought I could!


But there is one instrument of torture that I’m wondering if I’ll ever conquer…this beast:

spin bikeThis is the latest challenge–a spin bike.  It’s used in the middle of my strength training for high intensity intervals.  But really, I think it’s to simply test my ability to  not pass out or throw up.  It’s not pretty, my friends. Seriously…not…pretty…

Erica assures me that I will be riding this for more than five minutes at a time. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just fall off and lay in a puddle on the floor first.


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