Did I Really Miss Exercising?-My Fit Journey

| August 11, 2015 | 0 Comments


Last week was crazy. Seriously, crazy busy. The kiddos went back to school, so the associated orientations, shopping, errands and such were added my already packed schedule.  A parent meeting for the softball team added to the assorted hitting lessons and practices. A migraine that laid me low in the middle of the week and the game of catch-up I had to play the next day to make up for missing one day of my life. Softball games that were cancelled last-minute and rescheduled only to be cancelled again. Just one of those whirlwind weeks that blow by and leave you wondering what in the world happened. And my workouts fell victim to my schedule. Oh, I fit a couple of power walks in here and there, but certainly not what I had planned for myself.

I work out for...And for all my complaining about exercising, I was shocked to discover that I missed it. By Friday, I felt schlumpy (yes, I made that up), blah and guilty. Oh,I didn’t miss the workouts themselves, I’m still not sure that the endorphin high actually exists.  I missed how it makes me feel once I recover.  Accomplished. Proud that I’m doing something positive for myself, my health, and by extension, my family. I didn’t sleep as well last week, either, but I sure did last night after hitting Anytime Fitness yesterday.

What do you know? I might actually be getting used to this exercise stuff…hmmm…



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