A New Way of Eating-My Fit Journey

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I’m sitting here three, almost four, weeks into a new way of eating. I’ve just finished a delicious protein-packed smoothie for my mid-morning snack–almond milk, greek yogurt, blueberries, banana and peanut butter powder–YUM! As I reflect, it really hasn’t been too hard at all. Which is surprising because I’m a foodie. I just love it. Love to research new recipes, try them out on my family and, my favorite, eat them myself. And many of us are this way, but who can blame us? Have you ever stopped to think how much of our lives revolves around food? “Let’s have lunch” is so common it has become a cliche. Celebrations and special occasions are centered around food. We use it as comfort, as a treat and as incentive. So switching over to thinking of food simply as fuel for the body is quite a shift in perspective.
I’ve been on diets previously…haven’t we all? Low-carb, no carb, fat-free, paleo…the choices are endless. And some are pretty restrictive. But this? This isn’t a diet, it’s a new way of eating and it’s not too bad at all.

Protein, a smart carb and veggies or fruit for each meal…a protein and a fruit or veggie for snack.  Small amounts of good fats can be used–think extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil.  Good dairy as a protein source–greek yogurt, 2% cheeses, almond milk…so what does that translate to? Here’s a typical day for me.

Breakfast–oatmeal, with two tablespoons of PB2 powdered peanut butter and a hlf cup of blueberries added, along with my beloved coffee using vanilla almond milk instead of creamer. That substitution DID take some getting used to, but I’m good with it now.

Snack–light string cheese and an apple

Lunch–4 oz grilled chicken, roasted sweet peppers and onions, small side salad and whole grain Melba toast

Afternoon Snack–on gym days it’s greek yogurt and a banana. On non-gym days, it could be tuna and cucumber slices

Dinner–fish tacos.  Blackened tilapia fillets on a whole grain tortilla, black bean and corn salsa, lettuce and two percent cheese. Or maybe some grilled lean steak, roasted veggies and whole grain brown rice. Sweet potatoes are good too.

And don’t go crazy. I’m eating right between 1200-1400 calories a day and feeling pretty good.  Every four days, I can eat a cheat meal.  And if I get the late night munchies, I go for a small bowl of multi-grain Cheerios with skim milk.

So far, so good…down nine pounds in 4 1/2 weeks…I’ll take it. 



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